Capifony symfony 2.1 and composer on Mac

Symfony 2 and capifony are great – together they allow the easy deployment of great web applications. Symfony2.1 switched to composer – another great tool. But unfortunately this switch might result in a problem.

Visible error: Could not open input file: bin/vendors

Reason: capifony is outdated


  • cap –version => should be something as v2.13.5
  • cap –tasks => does not contain cap symfony:composer: values, has been introduced in capifony 2.2 (?)

Solution: update everything – starting from ruby, capifony and finally: update the Capfile file in your project directory!

Update capistrano and capifony

run gem update in your command line

Check Capfile in your project

The content should be like

load 'deploy' if respond_to?(:namespace) # cap2 differentiator

require 'capifony_symfony2'
load 'app/config/deploy'

If not, rename the file and run capifony . in your project directory.