Change admin password

Change admin password in Plesk

Plesk provides a nice script to change the admin password: /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/ch_admin_passwd

More information how to use it can be found at

You should shutdown mysql before performing this and not break the execution of the script. It takes some time! Otherwise you might get this:

Broken database PSA in MySQL

After changing the passwort as described above, the following error message was displayed in the mysql log file and on the console – e.g. when starting plesk.:

Incorrect information in file: psa/xxx.frm

This indicates a broken database index. Since the tables in the psa database are InnoDB tables, the InnoDB recovery tools are interesting. I tried and googled for about an hour, without success. Finally, I just tried to restart the whole server. And then the server was available again, Plesk was running and the errors where gone.

What was the reason? Interupting the password changing script might have caused the trouble. The database files haven’t been closed properly on the filesystem level, which has been fixed with the reboot of the operating system.