There are two release streams – a stable and a testing stream. Please note that this software is not developed anymore and only available “as is”.

stable release

Latest release of the stable stream (aka “sailing”)

  • Version 1.5.3 stableDownload
  • Version 1.5.4b betaDownload (size: 162 kB)
    Recent changes: improved setup page; added Google Sitemap Stylesheet support; added rss, html based output generation; direct submission to MSN and Yahoo!; new layout

testing release

Latest release of the testing/development stream (aka “kiting”) – meant for plugin developers and early adaptors.

  • Version 1.6.1b – Size: 70 kB – Download


  • Joomla! input plugin v 0.15 ( details )
  • supports Google Sitemap index files, can handle more than 50.000 urls
  • supports Google Sitemap stylesheet
  • rewritten plugin architecture (more usage of delegates to encapsulate the plugins from the data handler class)
  • Potential limitations:
  • doesn’t has the latest crawler plugin (no cookie support yet)
  • Google Sitemaps output plugin might have some bugs

Please note – the code is really old and probably outdated. I finally created a github project – . Check on this project page for a current version.

Next step: read the installation instructions