Google Client API – how to access Google Analytics with PHP

Have you ever tried getting some data out of Google Analytics with PHP? This can be complicated. We provide some tutorials how this can be done easily with the official Google Client API and PHP.

Google Client API with PHP – step by step tutorial with (some) screenshots

This page describes how you can access Google data with some handy PHP code, using the official Google Client API for PHP and OAuth2. To make it short, this is not a dirty hack but provides the official way of doing this. Unfortunately the samples provided in the client library by Google might not suite you very well. This script is the foundation for the other Google client API tutorials.

Accessing Google Analytics with Google Client API and PHP tutorial

This article describes step by step how you can access Google Analytics with the Google Client API and PHP.

Online demo

We created a little online demo that shows how it works. Google Analytics and Google Adsense are implemented by now.