search files by content text using find and grep


This post is about a simple task – but I always forget the syntax. Search recursively for files inside the current directory with a special text in the file content.

find . -name "*.*" -print | xargs grep "SEARCHTEXT" --color=auto

This snippet searches for all files of the current directory that match the name parameter *.* (so you could e.g. search for all .css files with -name “*.css”). The result is displayed with grep – using the nice color-highlighting.

This is especially useful for remove access on linux machines or other unix-based devices.

Eclipse: Change general to Java project

Problem: Migrate a Eclipse general project to a Eclipse Java project

You have a Eclipse project, which contains Java code – but you didn’t set it up as a Java project when you created or checked out this project. So since Eclipse doesn’t allow you to change the project type inside the Gui, you are stucked.

Solution: add the java nature

  1. Close your project.
  2. Open your project file (which is located in your root directory of the appropriate project) called .project with your default editor. Search for
    and change it to
    Save the changed file.
  3. Open the project again – now it’s a java project.