Installation phpSitemapNG 1.5.x

  1. Download the current release and store it on your harddisc
  2. Create a directory on your webserver (suggestion: /admin/phpsitemapng) and protect it with a .htaccess file
  3. Extract this archive and copy the files to this directory on your website, copy sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz into the root directory of your website.
  4. Make the following files writable (chmod 0666):
    • /sitemap.xml (- or /sitemap.xml.gz for compressed sitemap)
    • /sitemap.txt (if you would like to write txt sitemaps files)
    • settings/ (to store your settings)
    • settings/ – (store information about generated sitemap; only useful for small websites)
  5. That’s it, you can proceed with the usage of phpSitemapNG

Installation of phpSitemapNG 1.6.x / kiting

Just follow these steps to install phpSitemapNG.

  1. Download the latest development release from the phpSitemapNG download section.
  2. Extract this zip archive and copy the phpSitemapNG directory to your website.
  3. Modify the attributes of the directory phpSitemapNG/tmp/ to 777 – all information of phpSitemapNG will be stored into this directory. Maybe this is not necessary – but this depends on your webhoster.

That’s it. Now read how to use phpSitemapNG “kiting” release.